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πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ͺ UAE Dubai 30 Days Visa


(127 customer reviews)

This Dubai 30 Days Visa is a Single Entry visa for tourism, shopping, vacationing, getaway, and spending your holidays at the world’s choice destination; The United Arab Emirates πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ͺ Dubai. Single entry means you can use this visa once to stay in Dubai for 30 days and once you exit the UAE, the visa is no longer valid. If you want multiple access to the UAE, you might want to consider getting the Multiple Entries. If you want a faster visa issued, select the Express Visa option. Kindly Note: If your Visa is expiring and you want to extend your stay in Dubai, you can apply for 30 days or 60 days Visa Extension.

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Dubai 30 Days Visa β€” Single Entry

This Dubai 30 Days Visa gets you access across any province in the United Arab Emirates πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ͺ including:
Β° Abu Dhabi Β° Ajman Β° Fujairah Β° Sharjah Β° Dubai Β° Ras al-Khaimah Β° Umm al-Qaiwain.


Create unforgettable memories solo, with your kids, your spouse, common-law partners, loved ones, family members, friends, work colleagues, clients, or business partners, at the world’s number destination for tourism, and discover the new land of opportunities for study, work, business, health creation, investments, retirement, residency, and more.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ͺ has so many visa types for transit, tourism, business, work, and residency; this includes 14 days, 30 days, and 5 years and 10 years Golden Visa. Get expert help with picking the right type of Dubai Visa for your purpose,Β click hereΒ to chat πŸ’¬ with our Live Chat πŸ’¬ Support, orΒ WhatsApp Us.

V i s aΒ  S u m ma r y :

β–ͺ Dubai Visa Requirements:
International Passport ID (with a minimum of 6 months validity).
Β° White Background Photo Passport (Clearly Scanned).
Β° Payment (not required if you made a card payment.).

β€” Some Nationalities might be required to provide;
Β° Travel Itinerary (Verifiable Return Flight and Hotel Reservation),
Β° AED1000 – AED5000 Refundable Deposit (not required for family)
Β° Verifiable Bank Statement (Most Recent 6 Months Statement)


β–ͺ How to Apply for Dubai Visa:
Step 1. Fill out the Dubai Visa Form online.
Β° Step 2. Pay for your Dubai Visa online.
Β° Step 3. Get your eVisa in your email.


β–ͺ Visa Purpose: Dubai Tourist or Visitor’s visas are not to be used for studying, working, or residing in the UAE.
β–ͺ Visa Type:
This is a Single Entry eVisa, meaning you can only use it to enter the United Arab Emirates once.
β–ͺ Visa Extensions: Visa Expiring Soon? Stay longer in Dubai, get Dubai 30 days or 60 days Visa Extension.
β–ͺ Standard Visa: The visa process takes 2 – 7 working days, excluding during public holidays in the UAE.
β–ͺ Express Visa: The visa process takes 24 hours to 48 hours. Excluding during public holidays in the UAE.
β–ͺ Dubai eVisas: Dubai tourist visas are electronic visas (eVisas). A printable eVisa will be emailed to you.
β–ͺ Visas FAQs: Find Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the United Arab Emirates Visa. Click here.


Notice: Visa approvals are subject exclusively to the decision by the embassy or relevant immigration authority of the host country. cdtravels.ng shall not be liable for rejection of visa. Visa processing can be delayed in case additional documents are required. Ts & Cs applies.Β .

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Single Entry Visa, Multiple Entries Visa, Express Visa

127 reviews for πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ͺ UAE Dubai 30 Days Visa

  1. Rastogi

    Cheap Dubai Visas helped me get my Dubai visa in less than 24 hours, which I was not expecting at all. The staff is very helpful and professional. They even called me to check up on things and make sure my visa was approved. I would recommend this service to anyone who needs a reliable and efficient visa service.

  2. Oluwaseun

    Professional and timely.

  3. SiSA Travels Agency

    A dependable visa partner with a reputation that you can take to the bank.
    We strongly recommend this visa agency for all Dubai Visas.

  4. Tankwa

    I no complain.
    Everything ok.

  5. MCA Agency

    A reliable partner

  6. Yvonne

    Nous avons eu un problΓ¨me avec votre demande de visa et M. Ahmed nous a aidΓ©s Γ  le rΓ©soudre. Je suis trΓ¨s sΓ»r que cela ne fait pas partie de leur travail, mais il Γ©tait prΓͺt Γ  aider. C’est ce qui m’a sΓ©duit dans cette entreprise. Merci CDT

  7. Ms. Sandra

    Cheapdubaivisas.com is my only plug for all Dubai Visas.

  8. Dipti

    I would highly recommend CheapDubaiVIsas.com for Visa & other travel related services.
    Their staff is well experienced & prompt. Particularly Alima, She is extremely informative & patient while handling complicated visa processes. Special thanks to her I had a pleasant experience with CD Travels!
    I recommend this company. Ask for Alima if you have any challenges.
    She is like a super hero of sorts with some super powers. Very dedicated at her work, She is almost always online to help.

  9. Antoinette

    I got mine, thanks. Will most definitely refer CD Travels to my friends.

  10. CEO, V&K Consulting

    CheapDubaiVisas.com (CD Travels) hos been a reliable partner for years.
    They handle all our staff’s Dubai Visa and we refer them to our other partners and clients worldwide, and we’ve had no complains in over 2 years now. They recently processed Dubai visas for some clients.
    We promise that you are dealing with a trustworthy visa company

  11. Adumoski

    It was an unforgettable experience, thanks in particular to Mr. Ahmed of CheapDubaiVisas.com
    He assisted us with everything we needed

  12. Jean Marc

    Nous avons tous obtenu notre visa de DubaΓ―. Je tiens Γ  vous remercier, M. Ahmed, pour toute son aide et sa recommandation.

  13. Betty

    It was pretty fast. Great work!

  14. Amadi

    There was an issue with my application for whatever reasons so my visa was denied.
    I’m leaving a 5 star review because of their transparency in the entire process.
    They sent me proof of application and the feedback from their dashboard.
    I was advised to reapply within 48 hours at a 50% discount, as others who were denied got their visa at reapplication, but I thought perhaps the time wasn’t right.
    I appreciate CheapDubaiVisas.com for the willingness to provide professional customer support.
    I want to single out Medhina, she is really amazing and deserve a promision

  15. Mitalo

    Thank you CD Travels, we all got our visas.
    Keep up the good work.

  16. tourDubai Agency

    It is really a very convenient and cheap solution for everyone who needs a visa, it is very easy to find what you need here and the service is fast. I have no problems with the site and I recommend it to everyone.
    They are our official plug for Dubai Visas.

  17. Mr. & Mrs. Sarkar

    Mrs. Medhina has provided us such a spectacular service. She was our instructor for applying UAE visa. Without her it wouldn’t have been possible. She literally used her personal time to help us out. And the way she explained us the situation was outstanding. And her behaviour towards her clients was amazing. And we personally thank her and thank the company that they have such good employees to help us out.

  18. Sammie

    My experience was non-contact.
    Did everything online.
    That’s Professional enough.

  19. Abdie

    I am truly impressed CD Travels and the way they manage their clients they are always very responsive to their visa applications and all my visas i apply with them are always successful i greatly recommend their service to you if you want a visa to any country of your choice. They are a reliable service provider who can sort your visa and booking related requirements in less than no time Overall the team is pretty quick to respond and hands on. Especially Mrs. Alima she is a real professional immigration specialist.
    I encourage you Guys to get your Dubai Visas at CheapDubaiVIsas.com.
    They are very reliable. Thank me later.

  20. Tolani

    It took an extra day to come out. I had really planned to travel that day to meet up at a conference. However tight my timeframe was, I expected it to be very timely as advertised.

  21. Merina Tours

    Our exclusive partner for all our client’s Dubai visas since 2018.
    We’ve never had any issues whatsoever in doing business with this company.
    We recommend CheapDubaiVisas.com for all your Dubai Visas.

  22. RegisBiz.co

    A dependable partner since 2020 till date.

  23. Okon

    I almost changed my mind when I was told that if my Dubai visa was denied I wouldn’t get any refunds…
    I mean I was taking too much risk with this visa agency I only found on Google.com
    Well, I proceeded with fingers crossed, and they came through.
    Surprisingly, I got my visa and I’m so relieved…

  24. Bella

    Thank you, CD Visa Travels.
    It was apparently in my email all along.

  25. Ambassador James

    I appreciate CD for their commitment and professionalism in handling our group’s Dubai Visa Application faster than the standard timeframe.
    I want to recognise Medhina for her special attention to our needs.

  26. Li Peng

    This was the best travel agency I found on Google.com

  27. Mr. & Mrs. Rodney

    My wife and I always insist on using CheapDubaiVisas.com to arrange our parents visas every time they visit and we have had such a smooth process in dealing with them. They are prompt and got everything organized over email. No waiting and follow ups required. We dealt with Mr. Ahmed and Medhina at some point also, and in all, we were very happy with the smooth procedure.
    We recommend this company for a 10 star.

  28. Shaggy

    Omo no jokes o – this country no the koko. na to stay remain o.

  29. Mrs. Nelson

    I’m an old customer of CheapDubaiVisas.com.
    If I recall correctly, my first visa application was in 2017 or 2018.
    I’m really impressed and satisfied with their employees efforts so far.
    I want to appreciate Ms. Alima for her big heart, and remarkable efforts.
    All I do it apply on the website, and inform her. She quickly follows up to ensure that it was successful within 6 hrs.
    She is very honest and so dedicated to her job. I really appreciate CheapDubaiVIsas.com for the right hiring choice with her.
    She takes the business as if it is hers.

  30. Xin

    An Visa Expert mentioned CheapDubaiVisas.com on Quora and I immediately gave it a try.
    Now I have more respect for the Visa Expert on QUora – They were correct about CheapDubaiVisas.com

  31. Santos

    Thank you so much CheapDubaiVisas, particularly Mr. Mohammed.
    He’s very helpful and has a service mind.
    Great information with a quick revert.

  32. Momo T.

    I was warned by my friends not to do any transactions online, but I did cos at the time I had no choice. I was in another country and needed Dubai VIsa. I easily made up my mind after I had a chat with the online support. plus the reviews on the website mostly 5 star so, and now I’m also posting my 5 star review. CheapDubaiVIsas.com didn’t disappoint.

  33. Twillia S.

    CD TRavels helped organized a visa for our upcoming trip to Dubai within a couple of days.
    They offered the best price available and needed minimum documentation to complete the process.
    Thanks to Medhina for keeping in touch. Great job!
    Thank you

  34. Comfort & Udoh

    Thank you CD, our visas just got in and we’ve verified it on the UAE Govt website.
    We were a bit worried about how cheap your offer was that we thought it wasn’t real.
    Feels good to be so wrong about you. Keep Up the good work y’all are doing at CheapDubaiVIsas.com

  35. Audrey

    I just got my Dubai 30days visa and the plan is to check what everyone is on about, before deciding if I wanna move to the UAE this year…
    I’m glad to have found cheapdubaivisas.com because I see that they can help me with my residency

  36. CEO, Sandra Ohre Consults

    I’m a South African businesswoman and I rely on the professional services offered at CheapDubaiVisas.com for all our company’s Dubai Visas needs, and so far, I wouldn’t prefer another agency.
    They have become a family agency to my business and my clients.

  37. Prof. Clark

    I spotted CD Travel’s Advert at the airport and copied their domain name to check it out – that started my 3 years relationship with this firm.
    No regrets so far. A big shout out to Alima, it’s no surprise that she is still with the company.
    CheapDubaiVisas.com since 2020 – not planning on changing them anytime soon…
    well unless they give me reasons to…

  38. FReeman

    The turn around time for visa services is excellent.
    I highly recommend Ms. ALima and CheapDubaiVIsas.com for everything DUbai visa, they are the best from my personal experience.
    Try them and share your experiences so we know if they are changing.
    In all, thank you for your all you do…

  39. Adele

    Our family gets our visas from CheapDubaiVisas.com
    So far we’ve had no reason to change our visa agency.

  40. Andrew

    Cheap Dubai Visas helped me get my visa within 48 hours. They even helped me with the payment process. If you want to get a Dubai visa then CheapDubaiVisas.com is the best choice.

  41. Simisola

    There are somethings I don’t do and putting my digital signature to things is one of them but…
    There were something that Meddie did that has made me leave my digital signature to their company’s website…
    These people can be trusted.
    You can tell much about a company based on how their staff touches you…
    And they won’t take your tip, no matter how you explain that it’s insulting not to – it’s almost annoying.

  42. Owoidigeabasi

    My family had a swell time in Dubai.
    We are making this destination a yearly affair now and you guys will be handling it exclusively.
    Weldon again. Please keep on improving.

  43. Khalid

    I have personally visited this travel agency many times for my visas. They are really good in customer service.
    Thank you for your quick response to all my queries and you guys helped me with the urgent visa option.
    They are very responsive and helpful even if it is out of their office timings and specially in holidays.
    They have mostly all types of visa services with very reasonable rates and with great service.
    I would say they are one of the best travel agencies in Dubai.

  44. Alhaji Musa

    CheapDubaiVisas.com is now my official visa agency for all Dubai Visas.
    The relationship goes beyond issuance of visa.
    I’ve taken this decision because I have come to know the true reputation of one of the owners.
    This woman is a lady of integrity and self-respect and if your visa is denied has absolutely nothing to do with the company.
    They have a process that give you the best chance at getting your visa.
    If the UAE Immigration authority refuses your visa for whatever reason(s), she can still help you reapply at 50% the cost and sometimes for FREE.
    I trust the reputation and integrity of the owner and so I trust the company and therefore, I can confidently tell you to go to sleep and allow them process all your Dubai visa applications – only thing – just follow their guidance.
    Thank me later.

  45. Khan

    Dubai is not as expensive as most people make it out to be.
    Fact is, there are less quality hotels in my home town that is even more expensive than most hotels I’ve lodged in Dubai.
    Well, I was able to experience Dubai because I got my Dubai Visa at cheapdubaivisas.com

  46. Freddie

    Dubai is a beautiful destination and I got my Dubai 30days Visa at cheapdubaivisas.com in 10 hours.
    I didn’t get a fast response but they made up for the late responses with a really fast visa issuance.
    I was surprised because they gave me an express visa at the cost of the regular. yea I noticed that

  47. Eld. & Dcn. Alfred

    We celebrated our 50th anniversary in Dubai thanks to CheapDubaiVisas.com
    They handled everything professionally within our budget range and I thought they said Dubai was expensive.
    Glad we found CD Travels.

  48. Alh. AHD

    I would really thanks CheapDUbaiVisas.com for their excellent customer service, they are very professional & always available to provide us support with all our many inquiries.
    I would recommend them for sure. Specially Mr. Ahmed and Ms. Alima.
    My favourite is Mr. Ahmed – that man’s 2nd name is patience.
    With all my wife 1 million questions, this man will answer.
    I wish I had his skills – his wife (if married) must be a truly blessed woman because me I do not have such patience.
    Congrats to CheapDubaiVIsas.com for good hiring

  49. Ottibe

    This was my first time and it was a really good first experience.
    I am glad I wasn’t disappointed taking a chance on CheapDubaiVisas.com
    Thank you for delivering.

  50. Hugo

    I wanted to thank Medhina and Ahmed for their processional assistance with our visa application.
    We also appreciate CD Travels for providing assistance with the challenges we had with our visa application due to overstay fines uncleared.

  51. Laurel

    Thank you I got my Dubai visa.
    Would definitely refer friends.
    Keep it up…

  52. Alexander

    I was most excited about the Complimentary VIP pick up service that came with our visa request.
    Thank you CheapDubaiVisas.com. We enjoyed our stay.
    I just had time to post my review now.

  53. Hassan

    There is one thing that remains remarkable with my experience with this company, they are very responsive.
    I was able to reach a decision with choosing CheapDubaiVIsas.com because they were responsive despite the time I make inquiries unlike with other visa agencies, so I simply got my visa from them.
    No regrets so far

  54. Jade

    I got my Dubai Visas from CD Travels.
    So far, I don’t have any complaints but if I do, be rest assured that I will post them.
    For now, cheapdubaivisas.com is reliable

  55. Saanvi

    I love this guys. They have kind customer service.

  56. Rosemary

    Christmas in Dubai here we come.
    Thanks CD

  57. Andrew Cole

    Thank you for my Dubai visa. I had no complaints.
    I appreciate your professional recommendations.

  58. Steve

    Cheap Dubai visas are 100% reliable and trustworthy visa agent. They know the Dubai visa process inside out and their support team always answers calls and emails and solve problems. I got my Dubai e-visa within 48 hours after paying for it.

  59. DJ Chumps

    I applied in October 2022 with another travel agent but got my application rejected. I later re-applied with you guys and I just got it. Thanks!

  60. Ambassador James

    Everyone should visit Dubai.
    It’s better experienced than told.
    It is indeed a city of the future.
    Thank you CheapDubaiVisas for a unforgettable memory in the middle east.

  61. Lao & Co.

    We are a group of 5 friends and we decided to apply for our visas at different Dubai Visas Agencies to get numerous experiences to determine which one would work, so we continue with that agency as we were going to Dubai for the first time.
    We didn’t let each other know which agency so that no one is influenced to do with the same agency.
    By the time we all got our Dubai Visas, it was through CheapDubaiVisas.com we processed it with.
    The coincidence was not funny… it simply proved that we were all searching for Cheap Dubai Visas on Google…
    Says a lot about why we are all friends I suppose

  62. Abbie

    So I applied for my Dubai Visa directly and was denied for whatever reason(s), I reapplied through CheapDubaiVisas.com and it was approved within 10 hours.
    Surprisingly, I didn’t talk to anyone – I just applied online, uploaded my documents, and paid the cost.
    It is really impressive.

  63. Phillippe

    I was initially worried since it was my first time, but after getting my visa, I’ve had no worries.
    Applying for my visa through CheapDubaiVisas.com has increased my confidence in online applications
    1 thing that stood out for me was the simplicity of the entire process

  64. Ethan

    My wife and I both got our visa.
    Thanks CheadDubaiVisas.com

  65. Margeret

    Not the first time doing Dubai visa with Cheap Dubai Visa Agency. As always, excellent service, helpful staff, fast and professional. Thanks to the agent Medhina for handling the process and delivering fast results! Will be using your services again

  66. Tunde

    I’ve got a complain and that’s with how good these guy’s reviews are.
    Honestly, since I got my visa, I’ve been checking back for weeks now, to see if I would find a negative review about the company, but still…
    No company can be that good please. It’s just not possible.
    SO I will be the first to leave a 1 Star Review for the sake of normalcy.
    It’s wrong to not have no negative review so I’m leaving o.

  67. Alice IWL

    Dubai has a wonderful range of tour activities that will need a life time to tour through it all especially when new spots are been created practically every other month.
    You will never get tired of touring or visiting Dubai for the holidays.
    You might need to relocate to Dubai to give it a try…
    It is a great place to reside.
    Visa is needed to visit Dubai and CD helps me with all my Dubai Visas so I recommend you give them a try.

  68. Louise

    J’ai obtenu mon visa pour DubaΓ― sur cheapdubaivisas.com et je n’ai rien Γ  redire sur leurs services. Ce sont des gens honnΓͺtes.

  69. SMMRT Agency

    None of our clients or affiliates have had any issues processing their visas through CheapDubaiVisas.com.
    We work exclusively with this visa agency for all out Dubai Visas.
    They are a team of people with integrity.

  70. Gbemi

    In a climate where you are nervous to part ways with your money due to unreliable travel agents, CDV proved to be reliable while even being cheaper. Perhaps, the best things in life are cheap.

  71. Mr Ohre

    There are many reasons why I dont like leaving a review.
    But I had to recommend Alima, she was super amazing.
    Thank you for genuinely caring and for everything else.
    We recommend CheapDubaiVIsas.com to everyone.

  72. Sui Generis

    Cheap Dubai Visas Travel Agency is Reliable. Trustworthy. Affordable. Fast.

  73. Tony E

    I had some challenges with getting a clear document sent and Mr. Ahmed provided assistance with editing and enhancing my document. I later UNderstood that wasn’t part of their job so I appreciate the gesture and I’m ecstatic that my visa came through.

  74. Olah

    The one thing that stood out for me was the name CHEAP – honestly I still haven’t found an agency that offers a cheaper deal.
    So for as long as CheapDubaiVIsas.com is offering cheaper Dubai VIsas, I’m going nowhere.
    And they are professional despite been an affordable visa agency.
    Infact they rival the very expensive visa agencies out there

  75. Tos, CEO MyTrip Holidays

    I have been working with CD for since 2020 as a freelancer and none of the clients I’ve referred to them have complained about their services. Plus I get FREE Dubai Visas every time i refer 10 people or whenever I need a visa to Dubai.
    I can speak to the reputation of this company any day any time.
    I know the owners. You can trust them – they are people of integrity.

  76. Mr. Emmanuel Iso

    One of my friend gave the contact details of Mr. Mohamamad for applying for visit visa. I approached him through WhatsApp message. He got my son’s UAE visa work done within one day. I am thankful and surprised with the speed at which he got the work done.

  77. Asu

    Thank you for the Free Dubai Visa.
    It is well received and I will keep referring more people.

  78. Krishma

    Thank you for the Visas. We all got ours.

  79. Teeteey

    Gracias CheapDubaiVisas.com.
    Conseguimos nuestras visas de Dubai.

  80. Henrietta

    Thank you we got our visa
    Please keep up the good work o
    Don’t change tomorrow because we want to retain your services henceforth.

  81. Sunita

    I got a free visa so there were no risk on my part but, however, the free visa was courtesy of CheapDubaiVisas.com
    I was called and asked to send my passport ID and photo that I had qualified for a Free Dubai Visa and I thought it was a prank until the friends I referred to the website said they give them my contact.
    And that’s how I had to plan a trip to Dubai within 2 months as my visa expires within 58days.
    In summary, it was a truly surprising experience and I loved every aspects of it.

  82. Alfonso

    Merci. Nous avons obtenu nos visas pour DubaΓ―.

  83. Supo Jean

    Ms Medhina did excellent job , very helpful on Dubai Visa Arrangement in very last minute, feel greatfull that she taken care of our urgent need in Visa matter . Thanks a lot , I definitely will using your service again.
    I recommend Cheap Dubai Visas Agency

  84. Grandpapi

    I love your services – you are getting 10 Stars from me **********
    SOrry I dont know how to make the real stars

  85. Saint Lucas

    Thank you we got it.

  86. The Tim Family

    To me Dubai remains the best city in the world.
    And I was able to experience it for 5 amazing days.
    This will be a yearly retreat for me and my family henceforth.
    Thank you CD

  87. Wokey

    Just got mine – Thanks.

  88. Nancy

    Thank you I got my visa but…
    From what I can see from the reviews that others are giving on your website, you are offering free visas to anyone who applies for 10 or more visas.
    You should let people know this. Why is this a hidden feature?
    I didn’t know until when I wanted to leave my review.
    Please look into this. It ought to be visible on your website.

  89. Valentine

    Thank you – I got mine also.
    I promised I would leave an honest review of my experience.
    Honestly, there is nothing to say – I applied online, uploaded my doc, paid, and got my visa.
    That’s a simple summary of my experience.
    I hope that it helps someone.

  90. Sophia Jones

    I wasn’t disappointed.
    Thanks for that.
    I may stop-by

  91. Silas P

    My brother and I got our visas. Thanks to CheapDubaiVisas.com

  92. Jack Lee Hu

    You can trust this company.
    I did and I can testify.
    Get your Visa now.

  93. Margaret Akinyiola

    Dubai is my family’s favourate destination and we get our Visas at CheapDubaiVisas.com every year. SO far, no regrets.

  94. Tobbie

    I wish i found you guys earlier.
    But I’m glad I found you now.

  95. Aljah Susu

    Ψ΄ΩƒΨ±Ω‹Ψ§ Ω„Ωƒ. Ω„Ω‚Ψ― Ψ­Ψ΅Ω„Ω†Ψ§ ΨΉΩ„Ω‰ ΨͺأشيراΨͺ دبي.

  96. The Jonahs

    We got our 30 Days Visas, thank you CheapDubai Travels

  97. Sandra

    Although I got my Dubai visa and on earlier than I expected (if I’d be frank), but I want my review to stand out so I’ll leave a 3 star just because I want to be the first to leave one.

  98. The Kingsley Family

    Our family got our visas – for me, the one thing that stood out was the ridiculous discount for our kids’ visas.
    Imagine getting 80% discount off your visa for 5 kids? That was an insane savings and I thank CheapDubaiVIsas.com new visa rates.
    I’m sure that this is a new rate as it has very little reviews – a lot of parents would appreciate this special discount.

  99. Evans

    I got my visa but I’m not happy with the confusion.
    I understood that I was suppose to be entitled to get my visa within 2 to 5 days but got my visa in 7 days.
    This wasn’t good and affected my entire travel plans.
    This was not a pleasant experience for me…
    You guys should do better

  100. Essex

    There are many things I could say but I could like to summarise my experience in 1 sentence;
    This was the first time I used Google.com to search for, found, and used their service, and I’m glad that it was a good experience.

  101. Alhaji Mohammed

    I’ve been using your services now for over 1 year and I have no regrets.
    Please keep it up. I don’t have strength to start searching for another visa agent.
    Thank you.

  102. Brandon

    I was at a mall, and over heard some folks talking about their experience in Dubai and how CheapDubaiVIsas.com helped them secured their visa. The domain names wasn’t clear, I though it was some mistake of sorts, so I googled it and found that the name was actually CheapDUbaiVisas.com.
    Well, I’ve applied for 12 Visas with them since finding them online.
    Everything about this visa agency makes a lot of sense to me.

  103. Miles

    I have a complaint – and that was with your communication. I wasn’t made aware that there might be delays.
    I had planned and booking my flight in expectations that the visa would come out in 48 hours.
    I didn’t plan for the change in my flight due to the delays with my visa. This cost me a lot of money I never planned for.
    This is unacceptable and totally your fault for not informing me that visa could be delayed.

  104. Ana

    I had paid a visa agent to get my Dubai visa but it was denied. I search google for a reliable visa agent and found CheapDubaiVisas.com. They reapplied for my Dubai visa and I got it within 48 hours. Thank you guys. I wish I could give a 10 star review.

  105. Mr. Professor

    General Rule for transacting online – don’t try it unless you are willing to lose your money.
    With my personal experience with CheapDubaiVisas.com I was lucky to get results.
    I understand that they can only assist me with my visa application.
    In the end, the UAE Government decides if they will issue my visa or not, regardless of CD Travels efforts.
    That I got my Dubai visa, is largely due to the efforts on their part, however it didn’t come with any guarantees so I’m thankful that they did their job and the UAE Immigration granted my 30 days visa.

  106. Edward

    I had a lot questions to decide the right visa for me and Ahmed was very patient with all my questions.
    Great Customer Service. Professional Support. Prompt Delivery.
    I recommend CheapDubaiVisas.com

  107. IMAB


  108. Thomas

    Got it. Thanks.
    An observation – you guys should do more on letting people know of your special offers.
    I didn’t know that kids from 0 – 12years gets up to 80% discount off their Dubai Visas applied on CheapDubaiVisas.com
    This is frankly unfair – make this offer visible on all visa options so we know.

  109. Frederick

    For me, I appreciate the simplified process. Cheapdubaivisas.com provides a sponsor that’s residing in the UA for you. So all you need to provide is just your Passport ID and Photo, and Payment. They handle everything else.

  110. Matthew Mike

    This is my 5th visa application through CheapDubaiVisas.com
    I thought to leave a review this time.

  111. Davidson

    There is something that is constant with CheapDubaiVisas.com; the operate a 24 hours online support so regardless your location, you’ll find someone available to assist you with everything you need.
    Frankly for me, that’s what closed me with this company.
    They are very responsive, regardless my timezone.

  112. Priestly

    You guys got a really good team.
    Thanks for the experience.

  113. Grace

    Thank God it was successful.

  114. ChloΓ«

    I just have arrived in Dubai and passed all the checks, it was a really smooth experience.
    So I got my Dubai visa from cheapdbaivisas.com and from personal experience, it is a real visa.
    I took the risk for you guys and can recommend them.

  115. Hannah

    I applied for a Dubai visa with cheapdubaivisas and they did an excellent job! I highly recommend their services! Thank you very much

  116. Sandele

    My wife and I got our Visas, even when they said Africans were not getting UAE Visas so I’m grateful for the success of the process.
    I was referred to CheapDubaiVisas.com by someone I hold to high esteem so, here we are.
    Thank you CD Travels.

  117. Mrs. Williams

    Today, there are so many travel agencies that process Dubai Visas but for me, there is no need for test and errors, I’ve been using CheapDubaiVisas.com for years now, and I’ve got no reason to change.
    I’m sticking to CD Travels. I just got my 15th Visa from the same company.
    If you don’t have a company that handles your visa – i strongly recommend this company; CheapDubaiVisas.com

  118. Chuks

    It didn’t take long. Wonderful service.

  119. Viola

    My visa just came out. Thanks.

  120. Jim

    My visa just came out. Thanks guys.

  121. Mr. Victor Phill

    Got mine. Thank you CD. Particularly Victor. He is my namesake.

  122. Yves Paris

    Je vous remercie. nous avons obtenu nos visas de DubaΓ―

  123. Mr & Mrs Trevor

    Okay, so my husband and I got a All Expenses Paid Dubai Weekend Experience courtesy of CheapDubaiVisas as a Christmas GIft for referring over 100 clients within 1 year. And we used that opportunity to stay for 1 month. It was a remarkable experience.
    It is funny that I’m just leaving my first review…
    Please let’s do it again this year.

  124. Marrisa Antonio

    Highly recommended visa agency.
    They haven’t disappointed me yet πŸ˜ƒ

  125. Richie

    Just got mine.

  126. Chloe

    It took 12 hours extra from the processing time specified, asides from that, well organized and pofessional.

  127. Phebe

    There is nowhere in the world like Dubai.
    Just got cleared at the airport and I’m currently using the Airport Wifi to leave my review before I forget.
    CheapDubaiVisas.com handled my visa application so I can assure you that they are genuine.
    I recommend them purely based on my personal experience with them.
    Try them and thank me later.

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